7 Promotional Marketing Campaign ideas that you can’t ignore

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    Looking for creative ideas for your next marketing campaign? Then you’re in the right place!

    Creative promotional marketing campaigns are everywhere today and some are designed to blend in with our everyday lives without us really noticing the impact they have. With the ever-growing Guerrilla marketing trends, promotional products have taken on a whole new meaning and are no longer just a ‘freebie’, that is given to you to encourage you to buy a product – they’re so much more!

    The powerful effect of using promotional products in marketing campaigns is clear, recent survey results from the BPMA show that promotional products motivate twice as many people to take action than other mediums such as print, web, TV and direct mail.

    Our aim is to help you find the most effective and creative promotional marketing campaigns, to help you get your brand and message out there. But hey, we all need a little help from time to time to come up with some fresh new creative ideas, so here are my Top 7 promotional marketing campaign ideas from around the world, that are inspiring and creative. All of these campaigns use promotional products in different ways, and yet they all have the same powerful impact on the target audience.

    1. Rethink Breast Cancer is a Canadian charity whose aim is to empower young people worldwide who are concerned about and affected by breast cancer. Their ‘Give-a-Care’ campaign uses creative sassiness perfectly to engage young people with the cause and support those fighting their own battles. Give-a-Care campaign allows people to build a personalised care package that acknowledges what a cancer patient may be going through, and gives her the care she really needs. The packages include a variety of products promoting the different stages and feelings that many cancer patients are often too polite to say. I love this promotional campaign; it’s such an important message being circulated to the right target audience in a creative and influential way.

      Give a careImage Source: The Inspiration Room 

    2. Heading over to the other side of the world next with another charity organisation, this is Alzheimer’s New Zealand’s creative promotional campaign to target New Zealanders and remind them of the terrible effects of the disease. The charity commissioned the design and production of bespoke USB’s custom-made into eraser shaped, with a strong clear message to save your memories. Actual erasers were hollowed out and USB’s inserted inside to give this bespoke promotional product the impact it deserved. The USB’s were then distributed to the public,local organisations and local politicians with a letter raising awareness of the charity. A great promotional marketing idea, using a product that was memorable and useful as well as carrying a key message.

      Alzheimers Eraser bespoke USBImage Source: The Inspiration Room

    3. This is one of the most original and creative marketing campaigns I’ve ever seen, and it worked perfectly. Novocortex created this guerrilla marketing campaign to build brand awareness for a Dutch online insurance company. Using printed static paper stickers, covered in scratches, they created a video of car owner’s reactions and placed it on YouTube inviting bloggers and influencers to try it on their friends and family. This low cost but effective campaign generated huge brand awareness, with this catchy message on the stickers – “Repairing your damages can be as easy as removing this sticker” it managed to increase web traffic by 3 times, as well as becoming a YouTube hit for its humour.

       Insurance car scratch campaign idea Image Source: Novocortex 

    4. This year Berlins main public transport company, BVG has collaborated with Adidas Originals (yes that’s THE Adidas) to create a piece of promotional apparel that is set to be the must have item of the year. The pattern of the BVG seat covers serves as a design element of the trainer, making it a unique collector’s item. Not only that but when the shoe is being worn it also acts as a valid ticket for all BVG transport from the 16th January to 31st December 2018, thanks to the annual ticket sewn into the tongue. These are limited to 500 pairs and no surprises sold out almost instantly but what a great collaboration and a promotional product that will last for many years to come.

        Image Source: BVG 

    5. A little humour in a marketing campaign can go a long way, especially when it’s aimed at yourself and my next example is a great example of that. Especially in the business world, most stock images have been overused and portray unrealistic situations, such as the overly cheerful woman drawing a red graph, we’ve all seen them right? Adobe Stock wanted to change the way stock imagery worked and to promote this change joined with Swedish ad agency Abby Priest to create this hilarious direct marketing campaign. Using the outdated, iconic stock images that people love to hate, they created branded T-shirts and Jumpersemphasising the situation. This limited edition clothing line was aimed at enterprise customers as a salute to the old and a welcome to the new. Promotional apparel has endless opportunities and if you have a clever and funny slogan or brand to add to it, similar to what Adobe have done here your end user will be more likely to wear it and keep it long term.

        Image Source: Digital Agency Network 

    6. What’s more British than Wimbledon? Even if you don’t really like tennis, you still go to Wimbledon for the atmosphere, strawberries and cream, and of course the coffee. The infamous queue at Wimbledon is renowned for its lively atmosphere and incredibly long wait times. Official coffee sponsor for the 6th year, Lavazza wanted to encourage queue-goers to spend more time engaging with, sampling and learning about Lavazza. We Are Social and Amplify went about creating something different to stand out from the crowd and this was certainly a first for me…printed coffee! You’ve seen hundreds of branded coffee cups, reusable and cardboard but have you ever seen a personalised coffee? This unique idea gave Lavazza a key point of difference and Wimbledon fans flocked to get their selfies on a coffee. This social campaign reached over 1.75 million people over the 2-week period, I’d say that’s officially game, set and match for Lavazza and I wonder what this year’s Wimbledon will bring.

      Printed selfies on coffee at Wimbledon Image Source: We Are Social  

    7. Lastly, but by no means least is the Pedigree SelfieSTIX. Created by NZ based agency ColensoBBDO, the aim of the campaign was to demonstrate the irresistibility of Pedigree DentaStix and rather than a standard ad of cute dogs running with their owners, they created this promotional product. The promotional SelfieStix not only highlighted the dog’s love for Pedigree treats but also solved a problem, pet lovers all over the world have been struggling for years with, to get a good selfie with their beloved pets! SelfieStix was free with every purchase of Pedigree DentaStix, and branded in the same iconic yellow with the ‘Stix’ spelling, cleverly designed to hold the treats above any phone camera. Not only this but they created an app to run alongside the campaign, allowing owners to add fun and quirky filters to their pooch. I’m excited for this to come to the UK that’s for sure.

      Pedigree Promotional Selfie Stick Image Source: ColensoBBDO 

    In Summary

    I hope these examples of creative promotional marketing get your creative juices flowing, and it’s opened your eyes to all the possibilities of marketing with promotional products. One thing I would take away from this, is when considering what promotional products to purchase always have your customers at the forefront of your ideas. Offer them something they didn’t even know they needed until you gave it to them.  Thinking outside the box and being that extra bit creative will set you above and beyond your competition.

    Ready to chat? We Are Promotional team are here to help with all aspects of your promotional marketing campaign, so get in touch today to get the perfect promotional products for your next campaign or event.


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