8 Benefits of Promotional Products

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    What are the benefits of promotional products?

    Below we have listed many of the benefits of using promotional products and merchandise. Having an advertising campaign is essential to a company that wants to keep growing and showcasing its talents. Using promotional merchandise is a great way to move your advertising campaign into the offices and homes of potential and existing customers.

    Promotional products are affordable items that can make your prospective customers and clients interested in your brand.  Branded merchandise such as mugs and pens have uses in offices whilst benefiting many other areas of businesses to give long lasting and effective brand impression. The goal of promotional giveaways are to attract and appeal to customers and people are grateful for a free product and consumers really appreciate useful products that add value to their lives.


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    Listed below are 8 key benefits why you should be using promotional products and how they reap great rewards in your marketing campaign.


    1) How promotional gifts can invoke a sense brand loyalty

    One of the most important aspects of a successful business is to ensure proper engagement with new customers. What better way to engage with a potential customer than with a free gift? It has been shown in studies that giving a gift to your customer increases chances of your customer choosing you over your competitors by invoking a sense of brand loyalty. 

    A clear benefit of a promotional gift is that it builds a sense of loyalty long after the conversation is over. A study shows that at an exhibition, people are much more likely to visit a stand and listen to a pitch if a promotional item is involved. Giving a gift to your potential customer is a great way to start a conversation that could lead to communication and ultimately a sale.


    2)  How having a good relationship with your customers pays in the long run

    Building strong meaningful connections with your customers is a quality that will ensure your company will benefit in the long-run. Customers recognise that if companies try and build meaningful relationships with their customers they are more likely to recommend their friends and family to that specific brand, this can be very advantageous for your company in the future.

    Building strong relationships can be done by having frequent giveaway competitions on social media such as branded gifts or tickets to events. This is great for customers who win the competitions but also it starts to build engagement with the customer base whilst increasing the engagement of your network. Your network can be many different people from suppliers and partners, business colleagues and professionals, potential and existing customers right the way to family and friends.


    3) Using promotional products to make customers passionate about you

    A great benefit for using branded merchandise is that customers can develop a passion for your brand, values and products through being engaged emotionally. Consider Coca-Colas 2 year marketing campaign of “share a coke” which consisted of personalised names on Coke bottles in the UK. This campaign created a personal relationship with consumers who could contact coke directly and request their names on a coke bottle. The Coca-cola website stated that during the campaign “Over 730,000 glass bottles personalised via the e-commerce store” This was a great gauge of the customer’s willingness to share information and interest for the brand and increasing interactions with the brand itself.


    4) Reward your customers and build relationships with your clients by using promotional merchandise

    Handing out branded gifts can set the steps in place to build relations with an existing client. Gifting a promotional product shows that you are a distinctive and attractive brand which benefits your brand identity. Consumers get passionate about a brand when their emotions are triggered. This is emotional response can be used in a variety of different advertising mediums such as branded merchandise which is a great way to reward a customer.Whether a brand is adventurous or creative, giveaways will create a fan base with strong levels of commitment. Think of Red-Bull’s association with extreme sports. Just seeing the logo on a can of Red Bull can fill customers with a sense of excitement and passion.


    5) Showing commitment to existing customers leads to strong customer retention

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    Showing commitment to existing customers can have profound business results. A recent study claimed that “it costs five times as much to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one”. this shows that brand commitment is definitely worth investing in. Providing existing customers with personalised, tangible products is a very effective way to keep them interested in your brand. The main benefit to these results is that you can focus on existing customers which can dramatically increase your return on investment.


    6) Advertising using promotional merchandise is a cost-effective marketing strategy

    Promotional merchandise is cost-effective when considered in terms of impressions (an impression is a single view of a particular ad) compared to other forms of advertising media. Branded Merchandise has a lower cost per impression compared to conventional forms of advertising such as newspaper, TV and magazine advertisements. And whilst the conventional advertising is often passive and indirect to specific users, the advantage of specialised merchandise is that the branded products can often have a much more active interaction with consumers.

    Consider the number of times a consumer will be exposed to a conventional TV or magazine ad compared to a promotional gift such as a pen or mug. A recent American study stated that: “TV and magazine ads both cost 1.8 cents per impression, ad specialities (promotional products) cost an average of 0.6 cents per impression.” This study shows that promotional products have a clear benefit over conventional advertisements, as they are 66% more cost effective per impression than conventional forms of advertising.


    7) Most Branded Merchandise is passed along to a friend boosting “cost per impressions”

    Due to their useful nature, promotional merchandise is typically passed along from person to person. A study from the ASI organisation said that “more than half of the consumers report that they will give away a [promotional] product that they are finished with rather than throwing it away.” When a consumer does this your brand image benefits from increased impressions.

    The same study done by the ASI found that in London “15% of consumers throw a product away, 18% file the item away and 67% Give the item to someone else.”


    8) How can promotional products generate sales and increase leads?

    Promotional products have been shown to make a lasting impression on existing and potential customers helping to generate new leads and sales. Our infographic displayed shows that as an advertisement medium “promotional products” have a  50.7% success rate of a call to action. This means that when a promotional product has a call to action such as go on a website or call up a number for some information it has a higher success rate than conventional forms of advertising such as TV and radio.

    Benefit Chart For Promotional Products


    So here are the major benefits of using promotional products


    1. A Promotional gift can invoke brand loyalty after a conversation is over.
    2. Having good relationships with your customers and clients will pay off in the long run with effective return on investment.
    3. Using promotional products makes customers passionate about your brand or company.
    4. Promotional merchandise can be used to reward your customers by creating intimate relationships with your clients.
    5. Create stronger customer retention by showing commitment to existing customers using printed merchandise.
    6. Promotional merchandise is a cost-effective marketing strategy compare to conventional forms of advertising.
    7. Boost your “cost per impression” with branded merchandise as most merchandise is passed along to a friend after used.
    8. Promotional products are a great instigator to generate sales and increase leads by having your brand in your customer’s life.

    An understanding of the benefits of promotional products is important to correctly implement them into your advertising campaign. As a business, you can take the time to learn what your customers need as a consumers and then give them a promotional gift that can add value and benefit their day to day lives. We have an extensive and growing range of great promotional products… see our store for more details! And if you can’t find what you are looking for we supply a bigger variety than currently listed currently so please get in touch today to see how we can help! One of our friendly staff will be able to take care of your needs.


    If there are any more key benefits or key points we’ve missed please let us know in the comment section below.


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