Best Promotional Giveaways for Tradeshows and Exhibitions (Top 10)

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    There is nothing better than that feeling of starting the new year organised and prepared, with a new diary you had for Christmas and your marketing calendar at the ready.

    With your first trade show just around the corner, you have a lot to think about and it can be easy to forget about the little things (which are actually the big things) like what promotional products you’re going to giveaway this year?

    I know you’re probably thinking; hang-on I’ve got way more important things to think about than promotional products, but when the trade show is all over and done with, it is the best promotional giveaways that your potential customers are left with and what better way to ensure a strong relationship is built from that moment than an unforgettable promotional giveaway.

    Whether your event is a recruitment fair, industry specific exhibition, or an internal networking day, our ideas for the best promotional giveaways for tradeshows and exhibitions, will help you find the right products to stand out from the crowd and help you secure those all-important leads.

    The best promotional products for exhibitions are those that are useful for the end recipient, fully bespoke customised promotional products look great but if they don’t have a purpose for your customers they are not going to get used time and time again and your brand will be put to the back of their mind (or at the bottom of the free giveaway pile!). So take a look at our Top 10 must have exhibition giveaway ideas below to make sure you’re not put at the bottom of the pile and your tradeshows and exhibitions in 2018 are successful.

    1. Cotton Tote Shopping Bag 5oz

    Cotton Shopper 5oz - Best exhibition Giveaway

    First on our list and probably no surprise is one of the most useful promotional products that you could ever giveaway. Although not the most original, the Cotton Tote Shopping Bag 5oz  offers a good sized print area for your logo and can be branded with any design or message you require. It is also a good idea to have a bold and bright design on your bags, as this will help your brand to standout as your bags are carried around the tradeshow. These are manufactured using high-quality, and ethically sourced cotton, and are certain to be reused by your clients (nobody likes spending 5p on a carrier bag).


    2. Plastic Trolley Coin Keyrings

    UK made recycled plastic trolley coin keyrings perfect for tradeshows and exhibitions

    Again another classic, but in the UK trolley coin keyrings are used every day. Ensure that when your customer is next doing their weekly shop, they have your printed trolley coin to hand. With a number of different options available for branding our recycled plastic trolley coin keyring is one of the most popular, made in the UK this keyring is perfect for those on a budget as you can buy large quantities for low prices.


    3. Lanyards

    Branded promotional lanyards for exhibitions, tradeshows and events

    Branded lanyards are a must at any trade show or exhibition for employees who are working on the stand, they add that extra professional finish to bring your stand altogether. Also, promotional lanyards are great for networking around the exhibition as people can see clearly which companies are being represented. Lanyards can also be used by the exhibition organisers to handout to all attendees and exhibitors, this offers another opportunity for event sponsors to get even more brand recognition.


    4. USB’s 2in1 Charger 

    2in1 Charger which won the Best keyring 2017

    What is the one thing people can’t live without these days? Mobile phones, laptops? No, it’s chargers! This nifty 2in1 USB Charger is the ideal giveaway. Attract to your millennial audiences who seem to always be on the go, this useful charger has a magnetic clasp that easily fits onto keyrings making it very easy to carry. The clever design means the charger is compatible with any smartphone or tablet, making this a very practical trade show giveaway. Perfect if you are attending a careers fair or recruitment fair and you are trying to attract potential employees!

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    5. A5 Casebound Notebook (Made to Order)

    A5 casebound notebook the handy giveaway at tradeshows

    Although we are said to be living in a fully digital world now, there is still a strong demand amongst millennials and consumers of all ages for paper products such as notebooks and diaries. That being said, the digital light has made people far more aesthetically aware, with that comes the desire to have attractive things. These A5 Casebound Notebooks are made to order and would be perfect for any tradeshow or exhibition, they can be customised to suit your specific requirements, choose from a soft-touch or velveteen finish to add that touch of luxury. You can get as creative as you like with the design, for example, you can emboss print, foil print or even have a full-colour digital print and mix and match colours to suit your branding. Notebooks are a very useful giveaway for tradeshows and exhibitions as quite often your recipients will need to take notes during meetings or speaker conferences through the day and if that’s in a branded notebook that you’ve given them, their appreciation towards your brand will be even better! They are especially popular with students if they are your target audience.


    6. Stress Shapes

    A wide range of stress balls available for your next exhibition

    Whether you are at a careers fair or high-end business networking event, you will find a promotional stress shape will always catch the eyes of potential clients or recruits as they walk past your stand.  Any shape, any size we’ve seen them all! Uniquely designed stress balls can be customised to whatever shape or size you require, the more creative the better. A stress toy is a desk accessory that people didn’t know they needed but will appreciate when they’ve got it, so make sure it’s your brand that’s helping them to de-stress!


    7. The Peak Pen

    New Peak Pens setting the trend for 2018 add some luxury to your tradeshow giveaways

    A much-loved classic, the promotional pen has become a staple giveaway at any type of trade show or event where your brand is being showcased. A pen doesn’t have to be just a pen though, the Peak Pen, which is featured on our Best Promotional Products for 2018 Top 10 list, adds that element of luxury, and with its 3D soft-touch casing it is bang on trend, and will catch the eyes of potential targets walking past your exhibition stand. Give your audience a pen that will stand out from a sea of promotional pens (which we all seem to collect at exhibitions). These pens are not like other “free” pens you see at tradeshows and would be better suited for your best customers, or hot prospects that you really want to impress with a quality promotional giveaway (remember quality over quantity).

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    8. Power Banks

    Curved Branded Power Bank tradeshow giveaway ideas

    There has been an emphasis on quality over quantity this year in consumerism and promotional products for tradeshow giveaways are no exception to this trend. So if you are looking for a quality product, these curved power banks are perfect. Small with a modern design, they offer a range of branding options for your logo, and you are guaranteed that people will leave your stand with a lasting impression. Quality products tend to give people a higher perceived value in that specific brand and will only strengthen the loyalty and relationship they have towards your brand.


    9. Thermal Insulated Reusable Travel Mug

    Thermal insulated travel mug the perfect tradeshow giveaway


    One of the best giveaways for exhibitions that we have seen are products that people can reuse time and time again and these thermal insulated travel mugs are the perfect travel accessory for those busy on the go clients. Help reduce the amount of waste produced from the cardboard coffee cups and supply your potential leads with a branded travel mug, that they can use and carry around with them. The longevity of this type of promotional giveaways means it is definitely value for your money.


    10. Chocolate Bars 

    Luxury chocolate bars to hand out at your exhibition stand

    Tradeshows can be long days and be tiring for both exhibitors and attendees, which is why lastly but by no means least on our top 10 best promotional giveaways list is something a little sweet. People always appreciate free food (who can resist free chocolate), and if you can provide them with a little taste of luxury it’s unlikely they will forget it anytime soon. When handing out sweet treats, it can be a good idea to run a promotion inside the chocolate similar to the idea of the Golden Ticket from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, to either capture data or to offer incentives to purchase.


    We hope you have found our Top 10 giveaways for exhibitions and tradeshows useful, and if you would like more information or to get a quote for any of our products don’t hesitate to get in touch today. If you have any other creative giveaway ideas or examples of your promotional giveaways we’d love for you to share them in the comments below.






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