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    Are Promotional Power Banks an Effective Way To Promote My Brand?


    Here at We Are Promotional Products we offer a neat selection of printed and branded power banks from the very portable “Curve” version to the powerful “Tank” model. Even though power banks can be small in size, the level of exposure a brand receives from advertising giveaways is by no means small. As for the larger power banks, they will show that your company is a solid business.

    Power Banks are incredibly popular items to use as promotional giveaways and gifts as they will be used every day becoming part of the customers day to day life. We offer a range of Battery sizes from 2,200 mAh to a whopping 10,400 mAh with the options of personal and brand colour printing or engraving methods.

    Prices on branded power banks are subject to change every few days, so please contact us for a quote and we will reply with an accurate quotation.


    Promotional Power Bank Chargers

    Branded & printed power bank chargers are a successful way to advertise your brand. Smartphones have become increasingly more important in everyday life and the battery life of these mobile devices have suffered as a result. With important phone calls being answered on the go and big corporate emails being read on the phone makes your mobile device a much-needed business companion. When your battery dies as a result of important work this can really negatively affect business. So let a company branded power bank come to the rescue with your custom printed design sitting proudly on the product. Promotional gift power banks are portable devices that can be a game changer for a busy day, which makes them a very important promotional item.

    Custom branded power banks are a classy way to showcase your company logo, stand out at seminars, use at business showcases, use as corporate gifts or advertising campaigns. Wherever you are you will be sure to build brand awareness. We print your power bank with a logo of your choice using a broad range of printing methods. We do screen printing, full-colour printing and stand out from the crowd with 3D UV engraving printing.


    Can’t find what you are looking for? We supply a bigger variety than currently listed currently so please get in touch today to see how we can help!


    Some Interesting Facts About Promotional Power banks!


    Did you know?  That promotional power banks chargers are currently trending in the promotional marketing industry and show signs of growing. A recent survey that was carried out states that custom branded power banks are currently the best trending gadget on the market. So when the merchandise market sees power banks as a top selling promotional product then this means there is a growing demand.Promotional Tank Power Bank Big Storage Device

    Did you also know?  That the abbreviation ‘mAh’ stands for milli – Amp – hours, which is a rating for battery storage. The higher the number the more it can charge a device such as an iPhone or tablet. The milliAmps part stands for a 1/1000th of an Amp (the unit measurement for current) and the hour is the time. Most phones have a charging current of 0.5A – 1A and most tablets have a charging current of 2.1A to 3A

    You might be wondering how to charge a power bank. Charging our banks is as easy as 1…2…3! You simply plug a MicroUSB charging cable into the MicroUSB and the LED lights should indicate that your product is charging. The LED’s will flash to show it’s charging and how much charge your power bank has. When your power bank is full the lights will shine a green colour and you simply disconnect your device and then you are free to use it.




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