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    Printed cotton bags are one of the most popular promotional products across all marketing demographics. We custom brand your design using screen & full-colour printing techniques on our wide variety of durable and high-quality printed cotton bags. We make every effort to ensure all our printed cotton bags are sourced in an ethical and eco-friendly manner by being manufacturing compliance.

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    About Our Printed Cotton Bags

    We pride ourselves in supplying high-quality and affordable printed cotton bags. All of the cotton bags that we supply are audited to a standard that ensures they are manufactured and managed in an ethical and eco-friendly manner. The majority of our custom printed cotton bags are Okeo-Tex® Cotton Mill Certified with our coloured cotton dyes being tested to ensure they are safe to use.

    Printed cotton bags have a long promotional lifespan as they last longer than standard promotional products, an industry study suggests that most promotional bags are used for a minimum of 7 months.


    Wholesale Cotton Bags

    We can also custom print a wide range of wholesale cotton bags for you today. We have a minimum order quantity of  25 however, there is no maximum order quantity. With large scale order quantities we can offer edge-to-edge printing on both full colour and screen print with Pantone matched printing.

    Also with mass order quantities, we can custom label your bespoke wholesale cotton bags. We can also supply plain stock cotton bags in bulk quantity for whatever your needs.


    Cotton Tote Bags - Wholesale Printed and Custom Branded Cotton

    Printing & Branding On Our Cotton Bags

    When choosing the right merchandise to advertise your company it's important that your message looks crisp and clear. One of the main benefits of using a promotional cotton bag is that they give maximum brand exposure as the printed bags are used often and in public settings for the whole world to see.

    We offer a free visual service which lets you decide if your design looks best on the cotton bag you are considering. We can screen print or full-colour print your design on our cotton bags. If you would like to know how your personalised cotton bag will look and feel we can send out samples.

    About Our Cotton

    Cotton is ideal for shopping bags, it is strong, durable and has good colour retention ensuring your branding stays looking great. As a natural fibre, cotton is an eco-friendly material that is also naturally biodegradable.

    Cotton comes in a wide range of qualities which is measured in Ounces (oz). The greater the weight, the better the quality. Our custom printed cotton bags come in the variety from 3 oz cotton shoppers to 12 oz canvas show bags. Canvas is a tough, sturdy heavy duty fabric that is well capable of withstanding daily use. Generally, from 7 oz upwards our cotton can be considered as a canvas cotton bag. Our dyed cotton has been tested for harmful chemical and you can view all our test certificates on request.


    The printed cotton bags we supply are certified to the following certifications: Okeo-Tex® Cotton Mill Certified, REACH, SEDEX.


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