Custom Branded Drawstring Bags & Sports Bags

    We offer a wide range of wholesale custom branded drawstring bags (also known as cinch bags!) in various vibrant colours, with lots of different sizes and types to choose from. Branded drawstring bags are ideal for the travel, education and sports sectors and with their large print area, you will be sure to maximise your brand exposure. In addition to that, you can buy our custom branded drawstring bags online!

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    More information about Custom Branded Drawstring Bags

    Cost per impression and statistics:

    Promotional bags are kept on average for 11 months by consumers.

    50% of customers are more likely to do business with a company that gifted them a promotional bag.

    A customised bag will get an astounding 3,300 impressions (logo views) throughout their lifespan. Therefore, if you purchase a bag for £2.50 and the bag obtains 3,300 impressions, the cost per impression is a staggeringly low 1/10 (one-tenth) of a penny!


    Branding Options and printing methods:  

    There are two different printing methods available on our customised drawstring bags, these include;

    Full colour printed drawstring bags:

    A full colour transfer is one method of achieving a full colour photographic logo onto a drawstring bag. With a full colour transfer print, we can produce any design with no limitations.

    Screen printed drawstring bags:

    Screen printing is generally a cheaper method of logo printing, we use pantone inks to layer up to 4 colours to produce a crisp and bold print that ensures your brand is printed consistently across all products.


    Practical Uses for custom branded drawstring bags:

    Custom printed drawstring bags are very practical for school or college students to store and carry their sports equipment.

    Another practical use for drawstring bags is to use it as a gift bag at exhibitions or alternatively to carry your everyday belongings.

    Cinch bags would also be an ideal giveaway for gyms to gift to their customers or alternatively, to resell within the gym. Likewise with swimming clubs, sports clubs, kids clubs and much more!


    Benefits of buying drawstring bags:

    Our range of bags are reusable, easy to use, are effortlessly folded away and they are easily carried around with you. They are lightweight and strong so they are great for carrying your belongings and are perfect for exhibitions and tradeshows to contain other promotional items.

    Whilst travelling, drawstring bags can fit into most size compartments as they are small in size compared to an average travel bag. If you happened to go travelling and you wanted a small bag a drawstring bag might be perfect for storing your travel items.


    Types that we offer:

    We offer different types of drawstring bags such as reflective stripe units which are brilliant for children, cyclists and employees to use as it would increase visibility and safety. We also offer pocket zipped drawstring bags for extra storage.

    Materials we offer:

    -          Non-Woven

    -          Polyester

    -          Nylon

    -          Plastic

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