Printed Promotional Mugs

    Branded Mugs Fast Track Express DeliveryBranded promotional mugs are proven to be a great method of promotion, they lead the way along with pens as the best products for recipients being able to remember the advertiser. This is due to branded mugs being useful, reusable & their large printable areas.

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    Promotional Mugs Inforgraphic!

    Printed & Branded Promotional Mugs Infographic

    Choosing the best branding method for your mug

    We offer a wide range of printing processes with our promotional mugs, which include; ‘screen printing’ (Spot Colour), ‘Digital printing (Full colour)’, ‘Transfer Printing’ (Full colour), ‘Dye Sublimation’ (Full Colour). Here we explain each in more detail;

    Screen Printed Mugs;

    In the direct screen printing method, we print an image directly onto the rotating body of the mug (usually up to 4 colours). In order to brand the mugs using screen printing, we require a vector graphics. If you do not have a copy of your artwork in vector format, no problem, we can redraw your artwork!

    Why choose screen printed mugs?; Screen printing offers a bright & vibrant finish, especially on the shiny glazed earthenware or bone china mugs. We can also pantone match the printed colours, ensuring your brand is consistent and easily recognisable.

    Summary; for basic designs, uses pantone colours, cost effective for low & high quantity runs.

    Transfer Printed Mugs;

    Colours are applied onto wax coated paper using either a ‘litho’ or ‘silk screen’ print, the print is then left to dry & is then finally coated using a clear substance that envelopes the whole of the print. The transfer is then applied to the mug with water to aid the easy aligning and positioning of the transfer. Transfer printing is usually used on complexly shaped mugs.

    Summary; Can be either litho or silk screen printed for both block colour prints & full colour prints, used on complex shaped mugs.

    Digitally Printed Mugs;

    Digital process printing is similar to the transfer printing method, in that an image is printed and cover coated. The full colour digital print is then applied to the mug.

    Summary; perfect for photo printed mugs, pantones cannot be matched.

    Dye Sublimation Printed Mugs;

    Dye sublimation is the process where an image is printed using sublimation printers onto release paper, the printed paper & a blank mug are then inserted into a heat press. When heated the transfer print is sublimated (converted from solid to gas – missing the liquid state) the gas will then bond with the mug. Using dye sublimation ensures accurate colour reproduction.

    Summary; High quality, accurate image & colour reproduction.

    Premier Range Features

    We offer a fantastic Premier range of mugs that can be custom pantone matched with multiple features available. The Premier range of mugs can be recognised by the "P" symbol pinned to the product picture.

    The custom branded pantone matched mugs can be engraved with you bespoke logo or design.

    The branded mugs can also be custom coated inside and outside the mug to pantone specification.

    Your brand or specific logo design can also be printed on the inside base, outside base and the inside lip of the Premier range mug.

    Our Premier range of custom branded mugs are dishwasher safe excluding the full-colour prints (dye sublimation printing method).

    This means that the pantone matched paint will not be affected by the washing chemicals in a dishwasher.

    So browse our Premier range of promotional mugs for your unique branded merchandise!