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    Promotional USB memory sticks are the peoples favourite, research shows that promotional flash drives are the most useful promotional item & on top of that, flash drives are the one product that recipients are most likely to keep the longest. We have a large selection of USB’s to choose from which include the very popular twister USB’s, leather sticks, card drives & lots more, all with various printing & branding methods available!

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    We Are Promotional Products offer a wide range of printed and branded USB memory sticks from basic twist styles to completely customisable shapes. Even though USB sticks are small in size, the level of exposure a brand receives from handing them out is by no means small. They are incredibly popular items to use as promotional giveaways and gifts due to their useful nature. We offer a range of memory sizes from 32 MB to 32 GB with the options personalise and brand in colour printing or engraving methods, with the option to pre-load your data.

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    Some Interesting Facts About Promotional USB Memory sticks!

    Promotional USB Memory Sticks - Branded & Personalised

    Did you know?  That promotional USB memory sticks are in fact the most useful promotional item. A recent survey that was carried out by the BPMA found that a leading 21% of people asked said that they would find a printed memory stick most useful. Now If they find USB's most useful then surely people are going to continually use them, respect them & shout about it.

    More Research! In another survey conducted by the BPMA, Promotional USB Sticks came up top trumps for the longest kept item!

    Did you also know?  That the abbreviation 'USB' stands for Universal Serial Bus.


    Promotional Memory Stick Research Into Who Would Keep What Product The Longest

    Graph detailing how long people are likely to keep certain items


    Even more USB research...!


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    Whether you’re at an exhibition, simply meeting a client for the first time, or sending a gift in the post -- Printed USB’s can get you noticed & remembered. USB’s are reusable, portable & extremely useful items. According to research from the BPMA, branded flash drives lead the way for the promotional item that recipients find most useful.

    When considering a ROI (Return on investment) or the potential for increased brand awareness, printed USB’s could well be the ideal promotional product. This is due to their proven useful nature, durability & combined with the fact that product recipients feel they would keep a USB longer than any other item ensures maximum exposure.

    Top Tip!

    Memory sticks can be pre-loaded with data such as music, images, videos & documents. Preloading data can be a very effective marketing tool, as you are not only gaining exposure from the branded USB itself, but also from the stored files. Whether it be a video demonstrating a new product, a brochure or maybe a podcast.

    Options for pre-loaded USB’s include;

    1. Standard preloaded – can be edited & deleted
    2. Non-erasable – can’t be edited or deleted
    3. Non-erasable autorun – can’t be edited or deleted, files added will automatically run when the flash drive is inserted.

    If you’re going to pre-load data, make sure the files are in a standardised file format that all everyone can open & use!

    Recommended Formats include;

    - PDF’s; for a literature such as brochures & text documents
    - JPEG / PNG / GIF; for pictures
    - MP3; for audio & music
    - MPEG1; for videos, this will work on all PC’s but the quality can be low with a high file size – consider a hyper link to a YouTube or Vimeo page.