Custom Branded Bar Towels - Woven & Printed

    Custom Branded bar towels offer great exposure for your brand, there are two clear benefits of using woven or printed bar towels within your marketing mix. The obvious being that your brand will be present at the point of purchase which has the potential to influence punters. Additionally, gifting the vendor will help strengthen relations and help invoke a sense of loyalty.

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    What’s the difference between woven & printed bar towels?

    There are several differences between woven bar towels and printed microfiber bar towels. The first being material; woven bar towels are made using 100% cotton whilst the printed towels consist of a cotton (70%) & polyester (30%) blend. The polyester content allows for a bright dye sublimated full colour print, meaning any design can be achieved. With the premium woven options there are some limitations with regard to design, only solid colours can be woven and 2 colours (in total – including the background) is recommended. 3 Colours can sometimes be woven, depending on the design. Another method we can use to add a third colour is an effect weave, this leaves an almost embossed effect.


      Woven Bar Towel & Printed Bar Towels Comparisons

    What are the minimum order quantities?

    The minimum order quantity for the full colour printed bar towels is 50 units, the minimum for woven with a black and white design is 300 and if you require a coloured woven design, the minimum order quantity is 500 units.


    What colours can I have?

    We have over 80 stock yarn colours for the woven bar towels, we find that even if our customers have specific pantone requirements then there is always a colour that very closely resembles their branding. The full colour towels are printed using a CMYK process and we will match the colours as closely as possible to your brand. We recommend having a sample produced for printed towels.


    Can I have a sample?

    Samples are free of charge for the microfiber printed bar towels and we always recommend our customers to have a sample should there be enough time, so if there are any discrepancies with colour, this can be resolved prior to bulk production.

    Sampling woven bar towels is more difficult due to the complex weaving process. We are able to send out generic woven samples free of charge along with a colour swatch which shows you all 80+ stock colours that can be produced. This will give you a very good indication of both the quality of the towel and how your colours will look. In addition, we are able to provide a visual mock up which shows the direct weave layout of the towel, this visual would be sent for your approval prior to manufacture.


    What’s the price?

    Due to fluctuations in material prices, we have to quote price on application. Please contact us for an updated price list.


    What’s the lead time?

    The lead time for jacquard woven bar towels is 3-4 weeks as standard and the lead time for the printed is 5-7 working days.


    How thick are the towels?

    Both towels allow for a gracious pint to sit comfortably on top of the towel without any imbalance.

    The weights (in grams per square meter) are as follows:

    Woven: 450gsm

    Microfiber: 350gsm