The Most and Least Expensive Beaches Around the World

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    With families and couples feeling the heat (financially speaking), we’ve uncovered the real cost of spending a day on the beach, wherever you are in the world and whatever your budget.

    Calculating the Cost of a Day on the Beach

    Each beach in the list has been ranked based on the cost of popular beach activities and amenities to reveal the most and least expensive beaches around the world per person, per day.


    Key findings from the study:

    • Renaissance Island topped the list as the most expensive beach, costing £302.50pp.
    • Huiquan Bathing beach in China was the cheapest beach at just £8.94pp.
    • Coney Island, USA, has the most expensive water sports with an average activity costing £216.32!
    • A fee was required on all beaches offering parasols and sun-loungers.
    • The UK and the US both featured three times on the most expensive beaches list, including Brighton Beach, UK and South Beach, USA.

    The World’s Most Expensive Beaches

    Renaissance Island in Aruba was at the top list as the most expensive beach, costing a total of £302.50pp to visit and to use all of the amenities it has to offer, including luxury beach huts and parking.

    1. Renaissance Island, Aruba – £302.50pp
    2. Coney Island, USA – £259.60pp
    3. South Beach, USA – £174.80pp
    4. Bournemouth Beach, UK – £168.00pp
    5. Biarritz, France – £146.70pp

    The World’s Most Affordable Beaches to Visit

    Getting more bang for your buck is always a must for a day trip. Huiquan Bathing beach in China can be enjoyed for just £8.94pp, but this could mean missing out on the fun amenities like watersports.

    1. Huiquan Bathing Beach, China – £8.94pp
    2. Rabbit Beach, Sicily – £13.05pp
    3. Navagio Beach, Greece – £13.95pp
    4. Valparaiso, Chile – £18.55pp
    5. Ipanema Beach, Brazil – £25.83pp

    Sunlounger and Parasol Prices

    Enjoying the sun responsibly means parasols, but on these 5 beaches, it may be wiser to bring your own parasol.

    1. Waikiki, USA – £40.06
    2. South Beach, USA – £28.04
    3. Tropea, Italy – £22.49
    4. Nazare, Portugal – £18.89
    5. Lloret De Mar, Spain – £17.99

    Cheapest Family Beach Day for Four People (and what it includes)

    These top 5 beach destinations are the cheapest way to enjoy a day at the beach with your family. As they may not include as many facilities, you will need to bring some of your own entertainment.

    1. Huiquan Bathing Beach, China – £34.66, includes; ice cream, lunch and beach beers.
    2. Rabbit Beach, Sicily – £52.14, includes; parasol, lunch, beach beers and parking.
    3. Navagio Beach, Greece – £55.74, includes; ice cream, lunch and beach beers.
    4. Anse Source d’Argent, Seychelles – £91.31, includes; parking, ice cream, lunch and beach beers.
    5. Ipanema Beach, Brazil – £102.44, includes; sun lounger, parasol, watersports, parking, ice cream, lunch and beach beers.

    Top 3 tips for beating the financial heat:

    If you want to keep spending to a minimum on your beach break, follow our top tips on getting around those pesky beach costs:

    Bring your own parasol and beach towels if you can, especially in the UK.

    1. Grab some beers and a multipack of soft drinks and chuck them in a cooler, or you may have to pay double to buy one at the beach bar.


    1. Look out for local vendors selling ice cream or snacks on the beach. These will often be cheaper than local restaurants and ice cream parlours


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