Promotional Products Stats: Loyalty, Appreciation & Call To Action

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    Promotional products are an incredibly important part of a company’s marketing mix. They can be an inexpensive but very effective way to promote a brand or message.

    The BPMA found that:

    “49 per cent of senior marketers have increased spend on promotional merchandise since the last financial year”

    People are now starting to realise the power of the promotional merchandise. Companies, in particular, will purchase items to use as giveaways and gifts at exhibitions and shows. It is usually the last thing they will think about due to a large part of the budget being spent on the cost of the stand. However, it is the most IMPORTANT aspect of the event. People will be much more likely to recognise and recall a brand if they are extensively exposed to it via a tangible product in their home or office.

    One of the most important aspects of a successful business is to ensure engagement with new and existing customers. Promotional products can be a great way to do this. At an exhibition, people are much more likely to visit a stand and listen to a pitch if a promotional item is involved.

    Research by BPMA found that 89% of people will keep promotional products for over a year. This is a long-term and continual way to advertise a brand. They also found that 3 in 10 people will change their buying habits and purchase from a new company if there is a promotional gift given.

    An example of promotional products is the Sainsbury’s sponsored Sports Relief Mile, where their logo was visible on all on the running numbers. Extremely powerful for their brand as it is seen everywhere, as well as being associated with a good cause. This would have a positive effect on their brand, being seen to act responsibly.

    This is not saying that promotional products will suffice as the sole marketing focus of a company, they need to be added in unity with other targeted mediums. Promotional gifts invoke loyalty in potential clients, initiates a feeling of appreciation and effective ‘call to action’ results. There is no denying that promotional products can help a company gain a competitive advantage and help to build long-lasting relationships with customers.



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      Thanks for the post! Being able to identify consumer trends and adapt to them is a great way to build your brand! Provide people with items that represent who they are as a person and they will be more wiling to represent your brand.

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      Some genuinely good content on this website , thanks for contribution.

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