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    Promotional Products make people feel appreciated. Research shows that receiving a personalised item is more popular than other mediums. Online: 8%, Direct Mail: 9%, Print: 8%, TV: 11%.


    Promotional products encourage people to take action, compared to other mediums; print: 9.8%, TV: 19.4%, Online: 11.2, Direct Mail: 8.9%.


    Just over 60% of people said that receiving a printed gift invokes loyalty, compared to direct mail: 6.4%, TV: 16.9: Online: 7.9%, Print: 8.7%.

    London Facts

    Research carried out by a Member of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited in April 2014, shows that London is the ‘undisputed business capital of Europe,’ with 40% of the largest companies choosing to base headquarters in London. With this being said, the demand for promotional merchandise is ever-growing. To keep with marketing trends, and ensure your company’s message is communicated in a friendly and caring way, head over to our products section and pick out the products to suit you.