Top 10 Online Marketing Tips from 3XE

    Top Ten Online Marketing Tips focusing on SEO, PPC and User Experience


    Team members from the promotional products company We Are Promotional decided to take an impromptu trip to attend the 3XE conference in Dublin. After what seemed like a lifetime on the ferry, we finally arrived at the conference. The one-day event took place at Croke Park and as far as conference venues go it was pretty impressive. Once we made it past the coffee and breakfast pastries, we settled down for the day and began listening to the first of many great speakers who attended the event.

    We left 3XE feeling inspired, with a list of new ideas. So we decided we should share them with you, we got together and came up with our Top 10 Online Marketing Tips from 3XE and put them in this easy to read infographic.

    Infographic Transcript

    #1 – ‘First Impressions Matter’ Arekibo – Karen McHugh

    First Impressions matter, look at the following stats based on a human interaction vs. a web interaction – we’re pretty quick to judge, right?

    First Impressions (Human Encounter) – 30s First Opinion, 3mins to Lose Key Focus, 55% Appearance

    First Impressions (Website) – 0.05s First Opinion, 2.6s to Lose Key Focus, 94% Design Based

    Know your audience, meet their expectations.


    #2 ‘Where the Magic Happens’ Groundswell – Mark Lilley

    Apply the Power of 3 as shown in our nifty diagram for a spectacular abracadabra effect!


    #3 – ‘People First, Big G Second’ Ringier AG – Jess Scholz

    So, you know your target audience – great! But have you considered your secondary audience?

    Whenever you create content, you need to consider your consumers and Google.

    Humans like images, Google likes words. As Marketers, it’s our jobs to find the balance.


    #4 – ‘A P’interesting fact’ Wolfgang Digital – Alan Coleman & Brendan Almack

    Pinterest the mecca of inspiration, where you can create dream mood boards for any scenario, a social platform haven of visually pleasing content. But, don’t get sucked in by all those pins and lose track of what it really is – a search engine.


    #5 – ‘21st Century Dating’ Imperic Media – Trevor Keon

    You think dating is hard? Think again. Did you know it takes 5 whole years for Google to get to know and understand your website fully? Persevere, keep building your content and you’ll get the Gir..oogle eventually.


    #6 – ‘Http…SECURE’ Wolfgang Digital – Sean Markey

    Just like a club, HTTP has tiers to its memberships fee – how legit are you?

    HSTS Preload list:

    Domain Validated Certificate –

    Cheapest available, 5-minute set-up, not suitable for e-commerce, HTTPS, no padlock

    Organization Validated Certificate –

    Suitable for e-commerce, 1-2-day set-up, Sites vetted, HTTPS Padlock

    Extended SSL Certificate –

    Most secure, 3-4 day set-up, business address must be verified, HTTPS + Padlock + Google Name

    HSTS Preload List –

    Hardcoded into Chromes safe list, only fully HTTPS sites can be submitted, request at


    #7 – Be consistent, not boring” Design Wizard – Claire O’Brien

    Create a brand image and company guidelines to follow – Consistency is key and it definitely doesn’t have to be boring!


    #8 – ‘The NO.1 Ranking Factor’ Semrush – Olga Andrienko

    SEMrush’s latest research found a correlation between websites which rank highly and the factors that contribute to those rankings.

    1. Direct website visits
    2. Time on site
    3. Pages per sessions


    #9 – ‘You gotta eat your own dog food’ Groundswell – Mark Lilley

    So you’ve made the best website EVER. Great, but can YOU use it?

    Test it and test it again, if you can’t finish a customer journey then how do you expect your customers too? Simply put, you’ve gotta eat your own dog food…


    #10 ‘Don’t be a tortoise’ Arekibo – Karen McHugh

    Remember that age old fable about the tortoise and the hare? This is your time to be the hare.

    Consumers website load times – 47% Expect less than 2s, 40% Abandon if > 3s, 79% less likely to return – are you a worried tortoise not quite prepared to be the hare? How about implementing a lazy loader for your images, this great tool loads your content as customers scroll and will definitely improve the user experience.


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