What Is The Promotional Mix?

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    The Promotional Mix is defined as; “A combination of promotional methods that are developed & used simultaneously to help a company effectively promote its products & services”.

    To maximise a business’ potential, it is recommended that a business invests time & money into their promotional mix. If a company relies on very few methods of marketing & promotion, it might not be reaching its full potential. It can also be detrimental due to ever changing and often uncontrollable circumstances. For instance, a card shop’s income relies solely on word of mouth & people seeing their shop while walking down the street – Then one day a new card shop opens up next door, which sparks fierce competition. The card shop that has an online presence, in terms of a website with that ranks well locally in search engines, directory listings, advertisements around the town & a promoter that stands outside the shop dressed in a famous ‘card character’ handing out flyers. Would probably have that much needed edge.

    Promotional methods that when combined, form a ‘promotional mix’ include;

    Advertising – Web ads, signage, print, promotional products etc.
    Sales Promotion – Vouchers, samples, competitions etc.
    Personal Selling – Face to face or via phone etc.
    Direct Marketing – Email campaigns, mail etc.
    Product Placement – Example; Paying a radio station to review a product & promote it
    Sponsorship – Example; sponsoring a football club – gaining exposure from billboards, football shirts, website etc.
    Guerrilla Promotion – Example; making a viral video that advertises a product or company. A great example is the ‘Pepsi test drive’ video that’s gained over 40 million hits to date. https://youtu.be/Q5mHPo2yDG8 – This video also uses a lot of product placement.

    When you consider forming a promotional mix, it’s important to;

    1. Plan
    2. Carry out
    3. Analyse & if needed, restrategize
    4. Analyse continually – Is there a less expensive and more effective way I can do this?

    Promotions can be delivered in two ways;

    Below the Line (BTL) uses advertising that’s tailored or more specific to an audience. A good example of BTL promotion is remarketing with Google Ads, as people will be reminded of products they almost bought. Another would be handing a new ‘gourmet food product’ flyer out at a food exhibition.

    Pros – Can be more cost effective than ATL

    Cons – May require a lot of BTL methods running simultaneously to reach masses and can be therefore time consuming & hard to analyse what works.

    Above The Line (ATL) uses advertising that’s easily relayed to the masses

    Pros – Can reach a wide range of people & can be targeted – For example if a supermarket wanted to advertise a new range of foods, it might be worth sponsoring a cooking programme on TV.

    Cons – Often very expensive

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